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An RV dealership’s sales, service, and parts departments must work together to create a smooth experience for the customer. When someone brings their RV in for service, the service department should be able to look up the customer in the sales department to see if the customer bought the RV at your dealership. Not only do many dealerships give discounts on service if a customer bought the vehicle at the dealership, but they can also keep tabs on when the customer purchased the vehicle so that they can schedule routine maintenance checks accordingly. All of this and more is accomplished with strong dealership accounting software.

When the service department can locate a customer record from the parts department, the service advisor will know if the customer replaced a part himself or herself, or if the service department replaced the part. When all three departments can work together, you won’t have to rely on the memory of the customer or other employees to remember information that makes the transaction smoother for the customer. 

DMS QuickBooks Integration

Many businesses use QuickBooks for their dealership accounting software. EverLogic has integrated QuickBooks into its dealership management software. This integration will not only save your sales, parts and service departments time, but it will also improve accuracy. With one RV DMS software package, you have complete management of your dealership’s accounting and operations. QuickBooks makes accounting easier. It’s just that simple. 

Not only is EverLogic integrated with QuickBooks, EverLogic is QuickBooks certified. Being certified means that Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks) have confidence in our integrated solution. To become certified, we had to pass an exhaustive system test performed by Intuit. That is why you can have confidence in our QuickBooks integrated solution.

Cloud-Based Software for Dealers

The EverLogic business system for RV dealerships allows you to review inventory information, sales data, customer analytics, and other factors to help a dealership create an effective marketing plan for sales, parts, and service.

Our software is cloud-based, which means that we handle all of the infrastructure, backups, maintenance, and software upgrades. This saves the dealership’s money by not requiring an IT department just for RV DMS software.

EverLogic Dealer Management Functionality and Resources

Dealerships have certain transactions that other businesses might not have, including net negative deals, using alternative part numbers, refunding credit card deposits, and more. EverLogic can handle these types of transactions and more.

Additionally, many people now prefer dealerships to contact them via text message. EverLogic has a text messaging function that allows parts, service, and sales to text customers for reminders or for marketing purposes.

Finally, when you need to add a new item, such as a new invoice type, payment type, a new repair order type, or make other accounting-related changes, you can easily map it in EverLogic to send it to QuickBooks.

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Having technology that makes creating reports for sales, service, and parts easy, integrates with QuickBooks for easy accounting and has features to integrate into your marketing plans saves the dealership money in many ways, including employee time – your employees can now put their time to better use, including interacting with customers, rather than spending hours doing paperwork. EverLogic was created for RV dealers by RV dealers. We know there isn’t enough time in the day to get things done and the stress that goes with that. EverLogic was made to make dealerships run more effectively, and QuickBooks is a huge factor in our success.

If you are looking for RV service software that makes accessing customer data easier, increases customer satisfaction, and seamlessly integrates the accounting for all departments into one area, schedule a demo with EverLogic to review our dealer management system.