Man Next To Red Car On Tablet

It’s a typical, busy day at your dealership and all the sales associates are out on the floor helping curious customers in sorting out what ride they’re going to buy. Of course, some questions are bound to come up during the sales process, especially with big-ticket items.

A customer wants to know details about an upgrade to the sound system or is curious about the placement of all the airbags. Or, it’s a very simple but important query about what colors the model comes in. Maybe a would-be buyer wants to know which RVs have a 3-way refrigerator for different power sources.

Now imagine that you have a whole desk full of this valuable information in the palm of your hand. That’s possible now in your dealership, thanks to the new Mobile Desking App, a DMS App, from the dealership management software development team at EverLogic.

It runs on your smartphone or tablet, functioning like the desk back in your office, but it’s organized and immediately available whenever a customer has a question.

Benefits of Using the Mobile Desking App

Whether you sell cars, trailers or RVs, EverLogic’s Mobile Desking App will help you engage with customers more effectively and make the sales process more convenient for everyone.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, EverLogic has been developing dealership management system software since 2003, initially focusing mainly on supporting RV dealers. Their goal is to simplify how people manage dealerships, providing an app that offers an end-to-end management solution for dealers both large and small.

Major benefits of working with the Mobile Desking App include:

  • Switch between EverLogic on your smartphone or tablet and EverLogic’s desktop version on your PC with no delay.
  • Perfect for checking inventory while out at an auction or a trade show
  • Look up available units now in inventory right as your customer asks.
  • Obtain information about customers and input it on the spot without having to head back to the office to type it in. You can ask them these questions while they walk around checking out a vehicle.
  • Write up sales quotes while still out on the floor, where you can review them with the customer.

EverLogic’s dealership app for QuickBooks is the highest rated dealership management software from QuickBook’s developer, Intuit, so you know you’re in good hands. Use this DMS app to keep your dealership organized. It supports the efforts of your sales team as well as the service department. Meanwhile, your business support staffers rely on the software for managing all of the back office details.

Ready to Roll With EverLogic’s New DMS App?

If you’re excited about the new Mobile Desking App dealership software from EverLogic, you owe it to yourself to take a test drive. To learn more about how the app works and to schedule a free demonstration, please click here today.