What Does

What does “QuickBooks Certified” mean? QuickBooks Certified means that Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks) have confidence in our integrated solution. To become certified, we had to pass an exhaustive system test performed by Intuit. That is why you can have confidence in our QuickBooks integrated solution. Think of EverLogic and QuickBooks as a very close partnership.

EverLogic’s transactions are sent to QuickBooks consistently and accurately. EverLogic sends:

  • Vehicle sales and data
  • Parts and service sales
  • Vehicle purchases data
  • Parts and accessory purchases
  • All Deposit data
  • New customers and vendors

Does EverLogic software have to pass a qualifying examination? Yes. The first step in the process was to apply for technical review with the Intuit development team. There is a list of technical requirements that must be met according to their standards, prior to submitting the application. In accordance with the technical requirements, Apps published on Apps for QuickBooks Desktop must not only meet these requirements at the time of publication, but continuously after publishing. Intuit checks all apps every three years to ensure that they still meet the technical standards. This is only the first step of the process. To take the examination, the technical review team must approve your application. Think of it like a student applying for a college, if you fail the application phase, you do not even get enrolled, so no need to worry about an exam.

Good news, we did pass the application process and that was only the beginning. Next, was the exam. Yes, EverLogic had to be tested.  The tests are designed to explore multiple facets of your application, verifying that the application appropriately integrates, exchanges data, and is compatible with and supported by the QuickBooks platform. In addition, the application should not freeze, crash, post inappropriate error messages, or cause data loss or corruption at any time during the test cycle.

Did EverLogic pass the exam? Yes, we did. The testing is rigorous but important for our business and your business too. What is more important than the integration of your company’s financial data into your books? We all know the value of accurate financial data for all successful businesses.  

Why did EverLogic get certification? If you know anything about our beginnings, EverLogic was started due to the frustrations of a dealer who had a dealer management software with an internal accounting system. He found the accounting very cumbersome, so we set out to develop a dealer management solution that integrated with an accounting system that was tried, true and tested, hence QuickBooks by Intuit. Therefore, the need for certification came into play.  

What does this mean for our customers? The first word that comes to mind is, reliability. Let’s be honest, when it comes to your financials, wouldn’t you choose one of the most reliable and trusted accounting softwares available, we did. Which is why we chose QuickBooks and the testing was worth it! 


EverLogic’s partnership with QuickBooks ensures your dealership will have the most reliable financial tracking for RV dealerships. If you would like more information on What Modules come in a CRM at EverLogic, follow this link.