What You Need To Know Before Purchasing EverLogic Mobile Tech

Is the EverLogic Mobile Tech right for your service department? 

What most people are looking for in making a purchase, is accurate and honest information. We pride ourselves on full transparency on all of our products and hope this article is not only informative to you but also beneficial to your dealership.  Similar to our EverLogic Core, our desktop product, our tech version may not be the right fit for your service department. We have found that some dealers operate their service department different than others. After reading this article we hope you can make an informed decision on if EverLogic Mobile Tech will be an asset to your business. 

Features and benefits the mobile version DOES provide you:

  • The ability for technicians to log in and out of their jobs, while in the bays and on the “fly” with ease. Your Benefit: will provide you the accurate and efficient reporting on actual wrench time. Technicians can also save valuable time by not having to walk back and forth to the office to log in and out of their jobs. It also prevents a technician from losing a paper tech sheet.  
  • The ability to take pictures with their mobile device and save it directly to the repair order, in real time. Your Benefit: the technician can take the necessary pictures for warranty work and quickly save them to the repair order. This will save valuable time, especially if your current process involves using a camera, removing the disk, uploading the pictures to the computer, and finally attaching them to the repair order.  
  • The ability to add parts on the fly. Your benefit: if your technician is out working on the job and they realize they need another part they can simply click a button and add the part directly to the repair order.
  • The ability to change the status of the repair order, such as work in progress or waiting on parts. Your Benefit: this can provide the service writer valuable information pertaining to the status of the work order throughout the day which can assist in more efficient workflow.  
  • The technician will have visible access to pertinent information such as, stock number, make, model, model number, year, vin number, plate number and any important notes the service writer may need the technician to know. 

Features the mobile version DOES NOT provide you:

  • The ability to create a repair order directly from your mobile device.  
  • The ability to see other technicians assigned jobs.  
  • The ability to add another job line on the fly. You can add a job line in the repair order via the EverLogic Core version.  
  • The ability to collect payments.

EverLogic Mobile Tech was designed for the technicians to track their actual wrench time with ease and provide service managers accurate reporting and tracking, while providing the necessary features for more efficiency. As with any software product, all features for all dealers may not be available. We are striving for simplicity when designing the technician version of our mobile application. 

Need assistance with EverLogic Mobile Tech? Check this helpful article out on how you can contact our support team.