EverLogic Service Lite Pricing And Features

What is EverLogic Service Lite?

EverLogic Service Lite is our new web-based application for repair technicians on the go. Based on the EverLogic Core Services module, Service Lite allows you to create a repair order for your customer and their vehicles. This includes adding jobs and parts to the repair and  taking cash payments or credit card payments using Global Payments.

How much does Service Lite cost?

Service Lite is free. That’s right, $0. It’s a simple, free solution that’s perfect for mobile repair technicians.

What features does Service Lite have?

Service Lite has many features customers enjoy from EverLogic Core DMS. These features include:


  • A user on Service Lite has their own inventory of parts storing the retail price, part number, and part description.
  • Parts added to jobs can have a different retail price than its default inventory price, if desired. These item lines have a quantity and a line total that is automatically calculated.


  • Each job on the repair can have its own labor rate. You can also add the hours worked, add notes, control whether a job is taxable, and whether the customer has authorized the labor.
  • Each job line’s total is automatically calculated.
  • For ease-of-use, there is a user-defined default labor rate that automatically populates when adding a job.


  • Shopping supply fees and environmental fees are automatically calculated based on labor, with user-defined rates and amount caps. You can also control whether these fees are taxable.


  • Payments the customer has made are listed on the repair order, displaying the amount and the date taken.
  • Credit card payments through Service Lite’s payment page can be made if you have a Global Payments account. This requires your merchant ID, merchant name, merchant key, and a web API key provided by Global Payments

Vehicle Information

  • The unit year, make, and model is stored.
  • A unique identifier such as a VIN or stock number must be stored for each unit as well.
  • The vehicle mileage in and out can be recorded for each repair order.

Customer Information

  • Customers records are saved with first and last names, phone number, and email is required. The customer’s address can also be optionally stored.

Repair Totals

  • Labor, parts, fees, and tax totals are all automatically calculated and displayed.
  • The repair’s total and the remaining balance is also calculated.

Closing Out

  • After a repair is paid in full, it can be closed out. An invoice is automatically generated and emailed to the customer.

User Dashboard

  • Service Lite’s dashboard shows all open repairs and your five most recently closed repairs.
  • Invoices for the recently closed repairs can be downloaded for record keeping and/or sent to the customer.

How do I use Service Lite?

Service Lite is a web-based application that can be accessed from any browser supporting ECMAScript 6. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge all support EverLogic Service Lite. This means you can use it from an iPhone, tablet, or even a laptop!

Why should I consider using Service Lite?

If you’re a small, independent repair technician or even a bustling repair shop that needs a solution for recording repair orders on-the-go, Service Lite can offer what you need for day-to-day operations. It’s easy to use, offers many features from our EverLogic Core DMS and with EverLogic’s integration with QuickBooks, Service Lite is priceless.