EverLogic And Microsoft Partnership

By: Kevin Byrd

Microsoft Azure is the public cloud computing platform that we use to host and deploy our applications. Using azure for new waves of EverLogic DMS solutions provides a myriad of benefits for the all parties involved. Azure promises a level of security and availability guaranteed that is not available on any other platform. All data stored at one of Microsoft’s datacenters is backed up and replicated across multiple locations. That way the data is always stored and available even in the case of a regional catastrophic failure. No matter what, the data stored at Azure Datacenter will be available to use. 

Here at EverLogic, we are proud to share with you that we are an official partner with Microsoft, one of the largest technology companies in the world. Being a Microsoft partner gives us access to software that allows us to make better, more secure applications for our customers. 

Now that we know our data is always available, let’s discuss security and the standard that EverLogic and Microsoft are committed to in regards to protecting your data. Using cloud computing products and services, the responsibility of maintaining the integrity and security of your data is entirely on Microsoft. This is fantastic news, because Microsoft employs many layers of encryption of data in transit and at rest, so at no point is your data ever vulnerable to malicious outside attacks. Rest assured, with EverLogic using Microsoft Azure services to store and use data, it is only being accessed by the people authorized to use. 

In light of the recent security scandals of corporations selling customer data for advertising purposes for a profit, it is important to make the distinction that Microsoft does not share data with any unauthorized parties without the consent of the owner. In fact, once a year Microsoft is audited by a third-party accredited certification body to ensure that all security standards are in compliance with ISO/IEC 27018, the Code of Practice for Protecting Personal Data in the cloud. This will reassure you that every year that your data is under the utmost standards of modern security. 

The new wave of EverLogic applications will be hosted on Microsoft Azure App Services. An app service is a platform that is backed by Microsoft’s standard of security, availability, and scalability. This means, that as you and your company grow and evolve, so does the application and how much you can use it. You and your company will get updates seamlessly and continuously, with no need to worry about if an update will break anything or change how you have to use our applications. All our customers have to worry about is managing their business and growing it, and we will grow with you to provide the best service at any point in your company’s development. 

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