Mobile Desking Pricing

Our mobile solution is a great peripheral for our software that allows you to take EverLogic on the go on your mobile device. While our desktop application is limited to a Windows computer, mobile tech and desking is a mobile web solution to be used by your phone, tablet, or keep on another computer! Keep reading to find out what our mobile desking pricing is.

Because our mobile solution is web-based, you can enjoy a more modern design and experience that relates directly to your already established, or growing database within our desktop version of EverLogic.  Our mobile solution is tested in a variety of browsers to suit customer’s needs. Namely Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. This ensures that the newest Apple or Android tablets and phones should work seamlessly with mobile tech and desking. Keep reading to find out what our mobile desking pricing is. 

What Does Mobile Desking Do?

  • Adds new units or updates existing units into the dealership’s inventory. Mobile desking captures data such as stock number, year, make, model, model number, selling price, vehicle type, and vehicle condition. You can also take photos of the units and upload them.
  • Adds new customers or updates existing customers. Mobile desking captures data such as name, email, phone number, driver’s license, and address information.
  • Creates sales quotes and then emails this sales quote to the customer on the spot if an email address is provided and company email setup is done from within the EverLogic Desktop App.
  • There’s even a high-level view for salespeople to see their assigned prospects, quotes they’ve added, and how many of those quotes turned into deliveries. Everything that takes place on your mobile device can also be viewed from the EverLogic Desktop App.

Mobile Desking Pricing.

The mobile tech and desking app can be added to existing customers’ licenses, at a much smaller cost of $30 per month per license. Compare that to our standard license fee of $105 per month per license. Our mobile solution is a more affordable option for dealerships that want to expand but don’t require all the bells and whistles that come with another standard license. Similar to our standard licenses, you may cancel at any moment during your subscription period. 

It is important to note that mobile tech and desking are extensions of our desktop version of EverLogic, not a replacement. Mobile desking offers useful but limited actions for you to do while out and about. With mobile desking, you can easily look up your current inventory, add new customers, add new units, quote sales while you are out on your lot, or even talking to a potential buyer.  All new or updated information is instantly available on your desktop version of EverLogic.

Additionally, there’s even a high-level view for salespeople to see their assigned prospects and quotes they’ve added. You can also see how many of those quotes turned into deliveries. We understand as an RV dealer there is more work to be done. That is why our desktop and mobile versions can work seamlessly together. When you return from the lot you can pick up where you left off from our Desktop version. 

In the Desktop version, you can utilize features we don’t offer in our mobile version. For example, you could add a customer from the mobile version. Later on, you can schedule a customer follow-up. Or, after adding a unit through mobile, continue on the desktop version to print out a window sticker for the newly acquired unit. 

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