Are There Any Discounts Available To Me?

By: Anthony Menichino

With so much ambiguity about discounts that companies offer, we figured we’d approach this topic by writing an article to create transparency to keep you in touch with our current operations. While the short answer is no, we don’t offer any discounts at this time, let’s take a look at what EverLogic can offer.

No Contracts

Most DMS companies require contracts with their customers in order to ensure guaranteed loyalty for a certain period of time. So if you were to purchase their software but didn’t like it, you are then stuck in a situation hindering your dealership for the remainder of the contract.

EverLogic has zero contract commitment, meaning you could leave after the first month of using the product if you really wanted to. This will minimize buyer’s remorse and risk when making the purchasing decision. If you have second thoughts about working with us, you could cancel with us the following month. We hope this allows your dealership to save an enormous amount of money, time, and stress when contemplating a DMS software. 

Transparent Pricing

A majority of DMS companies will not tell you the price on their website; instead, they will require a large amount of time to be invested into their company through calls, demos and questioning, until eventually a quote is given. This quote can be altered at will, meaning they can change it depending on who they’re talking to.  By this point, usually once a quote is given, not only do dealers not have another price to compare the quote to, but the dealership has already invested so much time into discovering the price that they simply want the process to be over.

We don’t want you with us for convenience, you should be with EverLogic because you feel we can help your dealership grow. That’s why EverLogic tells you the price upfront, and we will not alter the price depending on who we’re speaking with. Our process is simple: see if our companies are a great fit, from there we use our expertise to guide you in the direction that brings the most success, whether that means joining EverLogic or another company. 

No Hidden Fees

When discussing hidden fees, it can be difficult to get clear and concise answers. This is why we want to clear the air as much as possible for those who have been left in the dark before. We guarantee that from start to finish, there will be absolutely zero hidden fees anywhere on your bill. If you would like to learn more about this topic, you can by clicking here

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