EverLogic - Monthly Quick Tips Archive
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Monthly EverLogic Quick Tips Archive

Every month we create a "Quick Tips" guide that focuses on how to use a specific piece of functionality in EverLogic. This archive holds all of the previous month's QuickTips tutorials.

December, 2018 - Accessing EverLogic Help and Support

While we’ve designed EverLogic to be easy to use and intuitive, there may be times when you will need to access EverLogic’s help and support system. This video shows you how to get help in EverLogic for commonly asked questions by using the knowledgebase, searching articles and videos, and how to contact support directly.

November, 2018 - Introducing the EverLogic Tech Mobile App!

EverLogic is excited to announce our new “Tech Mobile App”. You can access the app on any browser from any location on your phone, tablet, or computer. With this app, technicians can carry out many of the critical tasks in EverLogic, right from their mobile device! We are currently in the “Beta” stage of launch, and until the end of 2018, the Tech Mobile App is available to our customers at no charge!

October, 2018 - Mapping Items to QuickBooks

Anytime you add a new item (such as new payment type, new invoice type, new repair order type, or any accounting related item) you must map it in order to send it from EverLogic to QuickBooks. This tutorial will show you how to easily carry out this task.

September, 2018 - Part 2: Down Payments and Deposits on a Deal

This month’s "Quick Tips" topic is Part 2 of the discussion about the difference between a deposit and a payment, on a repair order and invoice.

July, 2018 - Part 1: Down Payments and Deposits on a Deal

In this tutorial, we will discuss the difference between a down payment and deposit on a deal. We will also discuss how and when to use one versus the other in EverLogic.

June, 2018 - Overview of Flex Views

Flex view is a powerful feature in EverLogic that allows you to quickly and easily customize the grid view by selecting and showing only the column that you want to show. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a customized Sales Sales sheet, and save it for internal distribution to your Sales team.

May, 2018 - Using Filters to Find information

In another primer on using Flex grids, this quick tip walks you through how to utilize the filters in order to locate specific information within the grid results. In this video, you will also learn how to use “conditions” in order to combine filters for even more refined results.

April, 2018 - Labor Codes: Flat Rate vs. Hourly Rate

In this month's quick tips, we discuss the difference between hourly rates and flat rates, as well as how to set the labor codes in EverLogic. EverLogic makes this easy to do with just a few clicks from the "System Setup" tab.

Note: If you do not see the "Systems Setup" tab, you will need to get with your dealership's System Administrator to have to necessary permissions setup.

February, 2018 - Inventory to Website Integration

To save time and dual data entry, Everlogic has the capabilities to post your inventory (including pictures) directly to your public website. This is done with an easy to setup integration between EverLogic, and your website. Best of all, once this integration is setup, there is no need for any further intervention as EverLogic will automatically keep your inventory up to date on your website.

There are only a few steps required to setup this integration, and EverLogic can help you with this. Watch this month's Quick Tips video for more information on this topic.

January, 2018 - Special Ordering a Part from an RO

Sometimes the part you are looking for is not already loaded into EverLogic. For example, perhaps you have a special order part that needs to be included in a repair order. Every part must be entered into EverLogic, even if it is just a one-off order. Fortunately, in EverLogic you don’t even need to leave your repair order to carry out this simple task.

In this demonstration, we will show you how to add a part that is not already in your inventory in EverLogic. Specifically, we will be looking up, adding a part from a catalog, and adding it to a repair order.

December, 2017 - Creating a New User Account

EverLogic is a permissions based system that allows you to easily create accounts for other users as necessary. Additionally, you can control what parts of the system they have access to, and ensure that they only see what is necessary for that specific user.

Creating a new user account is simple, and can be done right from within EverLogic. With only a few clicks, you can provide the new user’s general information, account specific and login information, as well as their access to different parts of the system.This tutorial shows you the steps to carry out to complete this task.

November, 2017 - Setting up to Send Emails from EverLogic

EverLogic gives you the ability to easily send emails to Customers, Vendors, and other Employees from directly within the software. This feature allows you to save time, as you never have to leave the EverLogic software to create and send important communications. Many of the forms in EverLogic contain an “Email” button that allows you to draft and send a communication about a specific topic, directly from that form (such as a repair order estimate for a Customer).

In order to begin sending emails from EverLogic, you will need to enter your email information into your profile. Setting EverLogic up to send emails is quick and easy, and takes only minutes to do. Once setup, you can begin sending email from directly within EverLogic through our fully featured, rich text editor.

October, 2017 - Adding Parts to Inventory, On the Fly

Occasionally, you may need to input a new part into the Parts Inventory while on the fly. This may occur if your parts department overlooked entering a part into EverLogic, when setting up inventory. Thankfully, adding a new part into the inventory is no difficult to do, and you don’t even have to exit the task that you are currently working on in EverLogic (i.e working on a repair order).

Once the part has been added, you can utilize it as you would any other part in your inventory. To see a quick example of how to add parts on the fly, please watch the video below.

September, 2017 - Sending Text Messages from EverLogic

EverLogic allows you to send text messages to customers from directly within the application. You can utilize this feature to send updates from the following modules within EverLogic: Note: you will need a Twilio account in order to leverage this feature. This is something that EverLogic Support can setup for you quickly and easily.

August, 2017 - Adding a New Vendor

In EverLogic, you will likely need to add new Vendors to the system on occation. If you have the proper permissions, this process can be completed quickly and easily in EverLogic.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following:

July, 2017 - Adding a New Vehicle Type

The process of adding a new vehicle type in EverLogic is simple and can be carried out with just a few steps. As part of this process, you can also carry out class tracking in QuickBooks.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following:

June, 2017 - Profit Accounting in EverLogic

In EverLogic, we refer to the process of profit accounting as "Washing a Deal". This process can be otherwise known as capping, re-capping, nutting, costing, etc.

In this month's Quick Tips tutorial, you will learn the following: