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EverLogic works for any business that sells whole goods (things with a serial number), services anything with a serial number, and any business that sells parts and accessories. If you do any or all of the 3, then you have found the right solution.

What we have found is that dealerships, service companies and parts & accessory retailers have much in common but there are differences. Differences can be found across industries, countries, states or provinces and cities. But there are commonalities too. We have a common platform that operates for dealerships, service shops and parts and accessory retailers. We have highly customizable software that adapts to particular industries like RV, marine, motor sports, heavy equipment/truck and automotive. We also provide support for various countries, states/provinces and cities.

For a quick glimpse of how if will work for you, view the industry links to the right. If we have not succeeded in answering your questions, please send us your question so we can answer.

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