EverLogic for Auto Dealerships

In addition to the capabilities listed on the Dealer Software page, EverLogic has specific solutions that are geared for Automotive Dealers.

Key Features of EverLogic for Automotive Dealerships

  • Data-feeds to popular shopping aggregators like Dealer.com, CARFAX and more.
  • Vehicle data-entry for cars, trucks, SUVs and more
  • Distributor catalog support for any electronic catalog
  • Customizable lists for inventory types, parts types, etc.
  • VIN decoding by VINQuery.com
ACI Automotive Group Dealership

Case Study: ACI Automotive Group Dealership

Since 2008, ACI Autogroup has been running its business operations using EverLogic and QuickBooks. To learn more about how ACI Automotive Group leverages the EverLogic software, please visit the ACI Autogroup website.

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