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Dealership Management Software

Complete End to End Solution

Get control over your business. Manage your inventory; sell your vehicles, parts, accessories, service, run your back-office and accounting.

EverLogic has 9 modules to support all dealership operations:
Customer Management
Full Customer Relationship Management Module
Parts Inventory
Get complete control of your parts department
Point of Sale
The only QuickBooks Gold Certified DMS Module
Sales and Finance
Sell more and produce the required paperwork
Back Office
Ensure that administrative tasks are completed
Document Management
The ability to archive and recall any document
Unit Inventory
Anything that has a serial number is tracked
Quickbooks Accounting
Get control over your business. Manage you.
All of the necessary tools to manage your technicians

The "Fitment" Solution

We help to fit you into the right solution. You can mix and match what makes sense for you. Our job is to educate you on what we have to offer, let you know about our primary competitors so you can compare us and then you can choose the best solution. This might sound counter-intuitive but, we don’t succeed with dissatisfied customers and you can’t succeed with something that doesn’t fit, right?

Before any of our customers commit, we expect them to complete a thorough one-on-one demo of our dealer management products to make sure they meet their needs. Check out our competitors and talk to some references. Then we can all be sure that we are striking the right partnership. This is a partnership because you expect us to be able to service and support you and we expect you to use our dealer management software products and services so that you can refer us to others.