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EverLogic offers customers the right solutions, regardless of their needs. Our Mobile Desking app can turn any device into an EverLogic-ready platform. RV, car, and trailer dealers can easily lookup inventory, add new customers or units, and quote sales at their convenience from the phone, tablet, or computer of their choice.

This easy-to-use app design will make communication between teams easier and more consistent. We know sales involves frequent travel or meetings and that engaging with customers is a top priority. That’s why our Mobile Desking app has these key features:

  • Seamlessly transition between EverLogic mobile on your phone or tablet and the desktop version of EverLogic
  • Originate sales quotes for customers while shopping on the lot or away from your desk
  • Capture customer information while out on the lot or away at a show
  • Check in new unit inventory and lookup available units for sale
EverLogic guide - Is Your Dealership Leveraging Technology Effectively

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